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Plastic Machining Company performs custom machining work, meeting demands for nearly any application. We use only the finest materials from companies including Quadrant Engineering Plastics, Cast Nylons, Ensinger, Poly-Hi Solidur and other resin converters. PMC is your one-stop fabricator for custom UHMW, nylon, and acetal parts including bearings, bushings, collars, guides, pulleys, sprockets, tracks, guides and wear strips. PMC also offers a large selection of replacement Poly HI Solidur catalog parts.

With state-of-the-art CNC Routers, Mills and Lathes, PMC is positioned to fabricate the simple to the complex. We make UHMW, nylon and acetal parts from over twenty feet long and ten inches thick to parts that fit on a pin. Give us a call today at 877-762-5449 or email

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-State of the Art CNC Machinery
-Journeyman Machinists, Fabricators, Skilled labor
-27 Years Focused on Plastics Exclusively
-Colossal Inventory of finished parts and materials.

-World Class Quality products
-Professional Packaging
-Timely Delivery
-Right, the first time, on time, every time.

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Why Plastic?
-Eliminate rust and corrosion
-Cheaper than stainless steel
-Are 15% weight of steel products
-Dramatically Reduce Noise
-Reduce maintenance, increase reliability
-FDA, USDA, NSF and 3-A Dairy Compliant

Plastic Applications:
-Water Treatment
-Food Processing
-Packaging Equipment
-Machinery Wear Parts

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